Specjaliści BMW R75, Zündapp KS 600 i 750


Tadeusz Pawlak

In the spare-parts catalogue of Zündapp KS 750 from the 6th of June 1942 (with changes from 1st of November 1943), on the page 81, table 23, which concerns the foot-rests and the saddle of the passenger, there is an information that the rubber covering of the saddle was made by companies Drilastic or Framo.

In KS 750 the greater part of coverings of saddles, both for drivers and the passengers, were made by the Drilastic company. It is impossible to determine how many Framo coverings were mounted in motorcycles. We know though, that Framo coverings were used starting from the half of 1943. It is an oddity that in the above-mentioned catalogue, the Framo covering was only listed for the passenger’s seat. For the driver’s seat there were mentioned two versions of Drilastic coverings. On the other hand I am cetrain, that Framo coverings were used in practice also in driver’s saddles. I saw those coverings a couple of times by myself. What is more, those two coverings (for drivers and passengers) were different. The covering for the passenger had a cut for a rear lamp of the motorcycle, what enabled full heave of the rear mudguard’s ending. The covering meant for driver’s saddle didn’t have such a cut.

I only once saw a picture of BMW R75 in which the passenger’s seat had a Framo covering. It was probably an improvisation of the driver. In the BMW R75 catalogue there were no mentions about Framo coverings.

In comparison to the Drilastic covering, the Framo has a little bit larger surface, is more stable and more comfortable. It’s not only my own opinion. In my view, the Framo covering is much more comfortable than Drilastic one. Out of experience I can say that after 2 or 3 hours of a ride on a Drilastic covering, legs are starting to get numb. An effect that doesn’t occur with a Framo covering. The pressure on the inner parts of thights is much smaller. In the community of the drivers there is told a joke that Framo coverings were mounted in the motorcycles meant for officers.

My KS 750 was already equipped with Framo coverings at the end of 80. For years I had been really satisfied with it, but at the end of 90. on my saddle there started showing cracks. I managed to find a special kind of glue and make an interim renovation of the covering.

Eventually in 2010 there appeared damage that made further usage of the covering impossible. My Framo was honored and put in the showcase amongst other "retired" original parts. I didn’t have another such covering and I didn’t want to use the one from passenger’s seat, so I had to use a Drilastic covering. Fortunately it didn’t last for too long. Admittedly I didn’t find another original covering, but it turned out that there is a new line of production of Framo coverings. I started using one of the new items, initially not certain about its durability. And now, after ten years of intense usage, it barely has any signs of wear.

Below I present some pictures of a new covering. I’d also like to mention that Framo coverings we offer are ready to use. They do not require fittings or their montage. They do also not need a special spring. Thanks to that the price of Framo covering is comparable to Drilastic covering price. And comfort ensured by Framo is worth its price.